Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Winners

The Iowa Enduro Riders Association’s (IERA22) yearly awards banquet was this past Saturday. Bill, Ben and I headed to Des Moines to join up with friends and have some fun. Oh, and collect some awards! Smile

These boys are the 50cc class overall winners. Ben placed 2nd for the year. He got a plaque, a hat, some riding socks (big cheer from me as you know my deal with socks), and a bunch of gift certificates to various places for motorcycle gear.

50cc Winners

These guys are the Vet C class overall winners. Bill was 2nd for the year, also. He got a plaque and some bigger value certificates. No socks. Sad smile He also won a door prize which was for free number plates and he ended up giving those to Ben because he’s a nice dad.

Vet C Winners

Next year both boys will have to ride in a different class. Ben will ride the 65 class because he’s too old for the 50’s. He already has his 65 bike and loves it. Bill will have to move up to a “faster” class, the “B” class. Because they group it also according to age, he’ll be a senior rider.  And truthfully, we are all looking forward to another year of racing. Even me, except for the sock thing. But I’m going to remedy that situation with some of gift certificates Bill got. Winking smile

No matter what place, these two are my winners!!

Winner Boys


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