Thursday, February 9, 2012

We Had A Party

That’s right. We Super Bowled it! Let’s start from the very beginning… (and seriously, if you can’t name that musical, I just can’t help you.)

For me, it started with the food. I had several recipes ready to go, thanks to Pioneer Woman, The Big Red Kitchen, Pinterest and my daughter.  And so with Audrey’s help, she and I pulled off a great spread. Jalapeno Poppers, Artichoke Dip, Pretzel Bites, Philly Steak Sandwiches, chips and dips, a few veggies for good measure, and Oreo Poke Cake. Yeah- it was good!!

Super Spread

We ended up inviting a couple of friends each for both Audrey and Ben. It just happened. It could have been really insane of us but as it turned out, it was great. Our pre-game was giving our Super Bowl picks.

Super Scores

Then the National Anthem. Oh, Kelly Clarkson, thank you for your lovely National Anthem. The drummers, the children’s choir, being modestly dressed, getting all the lyrics right. Very, very nice. I cheered at the end and I was in our basement!!

Let’s get ready for some football!!! Load up the plate, it’s kickoff!

Super Plate

So let me tell, you. The attention span of our crowd lasted until their plate was empty and then it was make-up, wrestling, balloon bopping. Oh, yeah, they sort of paid attention during the game, boys more so than girls. Then they’d holler to the girls when it was the commercials, who’d then popped their heads out to catch it.

Super BoysSuper Girls

When halftime rolled around, we shut off the tv. That’s right. We shut it clean off. Have you ever seen a Super Bowl halftime performance that was good, let alone appropriate for viewing? Us, neither. So before our basement exploded, we made the boys run laps outside around the house. That’s right. Outside. Laps.

Super Pillow

Super BradySuper LukeSuper Nolan

Somehow the girls got out of laps but we diverted some energy by watching Elmo singing “I’m Elmo and I Know It”. It’s Elmo’s take on a halftime performer’s song. Smile We also were commercial editors. That’s right. We changed the channel several times. Yup.

Super Elmo

At the end of the game, we had one obvious winner. Our prize, well, nothing. I’m not sure she really cared. She was wearing a Bears jersey.

The Winner

Also at the end of the game, my kitchen was a WRECK!! Yikes! I didn’t capture a picture, but just imagine it, ok? (Homemade pretzels are awesome, but messy, ok?) But we had a party and it was SUPER!! Winking smile



  1. Sounds like a fabulous time! I love the fact that you shut off the half time show (you did not miss a thing, Madonna was not good) and that you made the boys run laps!!

  2. Oh, you don't know how bad I wanted to make thos pretzels! But I just ran out of time. I think I might have to make them....tomorrow night. :)

    My connection group Super Bowl party was almost a fun Pinterest food party. I think we had 4 food items that were originally found there. :)

  3. Just had one of the left-over philly steak sandwiches for lunch. Still the best philly steak I have ever had! Thanks for being a great cook. :)


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