Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Scone-Off

Here’s another text convo between Angie and I:

Me: Have you made [PW’s] maple pecan scones?

Angie: No… remember… I only eat your scones. Smile

M: Ah, yes.

M: So I need a scones bake-off. My recipe versus hers. Both maple pecan. We’re gonna need some friends to help us.

A: Oh, you know it! I’m in!

And with that, the scone-off was set.

I invited scone connoisseur friends only, meaning only friends who have complimented me on my scones. (Want to be in the club? Say things like, “I only eat your scones.” or, “I don’t make my own scones, I just wait for yours.” or some variation of flattering comments after eating my scones and you’ll be considered.) My mom was my first fan and was the first to coin the phrase “I only eat your scones.” She’s a lifetime member.

In one corner was The Pioneer Woman’s Maple Pecan Scones. I have her cookbook and followed the recipe straight from it. It call for 2 sticks of butter and yes,  I added all of it! She finishes hers off with the maple pecan frosting. See that puddle of frosting? Don’t even think of leaving it off!


In the other corner was my standard scone recipe. Wait a second, that sounds so anti-dramatic… hmmm.

In the other corner, coming in at a whopping third less butter, is IOWA WOMAN’S SCooOOONES, Scones, scones, scones!!!!

That’s better.

I made my standard recipe, adding a 1/3 c. chopped pecans and substituting 1 tsp. maple extract for the vanilla. I topped them off with turbinado sugar (raw sugar). I have to do that because if I don’t my sister gets grumpy!

My Scones

And the winner is…


Sort of.

Here was the general consensus. PW’s scones are butter-laden! If you are a serious butter lover, meaning the other ingredients and their overall balance is secondary to literally tasting butter, then this recipe is your baby. We thought it made it too heavy. However, if a frosting has the power to induce swooning, then this is a Caution: Swooning Up Ahead zone!! Also, her recipe makes GIANT scones. We decided to cut them in half to taste test them as there was still another one to try.

And that would be mine! A smaller recipe to begin with and with much less butter, it was just a lighter, scone with just the right amount of crisp exterior and soft interior. My only little thing, personally, was that I couldn’t really taste the maple flavoring. As I was just inventing the recipe on the fly, I think this could be fixed. But maybe it was also because I was still recovering from my maple frosting faint.

The only bummer I have is that I didn’t take a picture of my friends!! We were kind of all over, some talking, some taking care of little ones, and coming and leaving at different times. I’m sorry friends. You mean more to me than scones. No really, you do. Please come over again.

I’ll make scones. Winking smile

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  1. I love re-living our texting conversations. And I love re-living the scone-off. I'm eternally grateful that because of you, scones are part of my life.


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