Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Audrey's 1st, er 2nd Homecoming

That's right. It's a little confusing because, you see, the Ames Homecoming was her first one ever. It's just that it was in Ames, not Ballard, where she actually goes to school. So this past weekend was the Ballard homecoming dance and so technically, while her second Homecoming dance of the year, it is her first Ballard dance.

I didn't know having a kid with a social life would be so hard to blog about.

So, she was asked by a very nice boy, H, to go to the dance. Ballard's Homecoming is informal and Audrey was glad for that. The drama factor goes down and it makes for a nice evening. Which she said she had.

psst...I totally scored her this cute top at Charlotte Russe and I think she looks great in it!


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