Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Des Moines Color Run

Want to see some colorful pictures?  Okee-doke!

Audrey and I, along with a couple of her friends, ran in the Color Run this past Saturday in Des Moines. It's a 5K (3.1 miles). You wear at least a white shirt and as you run the course there are color stations where volunteers blast you with dry paint powder! It's not called the Happiest Run for nothing. At the end all the runners gather together for a big color throw. They countdown 3-2-1 and everyone tosses their little bag of color in the air. YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY A COLORFUL CLOUD FOR 30 SECONDS!! It was awesome.

Here are Audrey's pictures and her captionings.

On our way to Des Moines

Our numbers :) 
this wasn't a timed race

First look at the runners
there were 27,000 of them

this and the next pic are apparently very important for any major high school group social event (for girls, anyway)

 Freshman feet

The 'team'. Just kidding, we only wanted $5 off the admission fee.
It's true. And I'm part of the team because you need a captain that's 18 years or older.

The photo bomb level in the picture...:) makes me laugh
I'm not the photo bomb but in case you were wondering, yes, I did wear Nerf protector glasses the entire race.

Wait, we haven't started running yet...

 After the color explosion

The family that Color Runs together... does laundry together
I can barely see. If you notice a general pink haze to the pic, that's because the cloud sort of remained for a while.
 I'm... normal!

Borrowed this from my friend, Nicky. THIS is what the color explosion looks like from the outside!

The Color Run is a blast! Go for fun! Go when, hopefully, it's a bit warmer than what we had 40 degrees. Brr! 

Luke took one look at me when I got home and quizzically asked, "Where've you been?" He didn't want a hug.

I've washed out all our clothing (the collar on one of my shirts is still green) except for our white shirt which I've sprayed with vinegar and ironed, like the Color Run people said to do to keep the color in. 

The girls are already planning their outfits for next year... What about you?

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  1. So jealous! My Des Moines people were blowing up my Facebook feed with pictures of the color run. It looks like so much fun! We missed the So Cal one this year but have circled the date for next year!


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