Friday, October 5, 2012

Watching Cousins

We watched my sister's kids a couple weekends ago. They were going to Minneapolis for the Vikings/Niner's game. We had just gotten back an hour before they arrived from Minneapolis (of which I still haven't blogged- kids are cuter). 

We had a pile o' furniture from IKEA and Bill was determined it was going up that night. So with ample help, commentary, and a few foremen on the job, it all got done that night. (It was a late night.)

Bill had this much help!

He obviously has put together IKEA furniture before.

"Me and Uncle Bill will have this bed together in a flash. Good thing, too, 'cause it's waaay past my bedtime (but don't tell Mom)."

The next day it was time to watch some dirt bikes and do some other stuff.

"Uncle Bill is pretty much awesome. He has tools and can teach me how to ride a dirt bike. I love him."

Valor is taken with dogs. He would stand at the window, climbing his little legs up the wall to pull himself to see out and see Lucy. Or we'd be eating and he would hear her bark and then say "uh", which is "woof" in 13 month old speak.
 "The best place for me to see you, Lucy, is in Uncle Bill's arms since I do love you but not your enthusiastic kisses."


 "If only I knew how to pull down and lean forward at the same time."

 Smore's are our go-to dessert

"mMmfgh" which is yummy in 6 year old, mouth full of smore's speak

"Is it done yet?"

No, we're not done yet... Uncle Bill had one last thing for Valor to do- learn to walk. He, meaning Uncle Bill, was determined to get his nephew walking. So in one good training session, Bill, Ben, Valor and later a cheering section got to see it happen.

Now we're done!


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