Monday, October 29, 2012

We Ran for Miracle

At 6:15 Saturday morning my alarm went off. *yawn*
I looked at the weather and it was 30 some degrees. *brr*
But I got out of bed anyway. This morning I was going to meet some friends and run for Miracle. 
If you're meeting friends, you can't just skip a run. Especially if those friends are coming to your house!
I looked outside. Despite the temps being chilly, the wind wasn't blowing which was an answer to my prayer: Please no wind. Thank you!

Bill and I layered up, turned on the heater in the garage and waited to see who would show up. I'm so happy to say that 10 of us decided that running for Miracle that morning was motivation enough to get out of bed!!
I gave a brief description of the route, Bill prayed for our little gathering and off we went. We separated out into runners and walkers and in the end we were all warmed up and feeling great!

30+ miles were run that morning for Miracle!!

Scones were waiting at the end for everyone along with a couple door prizes!
  • a bar of Divine Milk Chocolate (ok, even if you aren't into the fair trade thing, you WANT this chocolate, it is simply THE BEST! Ankeny Hy-Vee carries it in the organic section, In Ames, Wheatsfield Co-op and Worldly Goods carry it.)
  • a mason jar cozy (MJ cozies are for wrapping around a regular pint sized mason jar and keeping your hands warm and you sip your post run smoothie. My friend, Stacey, makes them and you can get one from her Etsy shop, Two Clever Monkeys.)

Thank you for donating your miles to Run For Miracle. It has meant a lot to Micah and Amanda!

Read my story of Miracle here and here.


  1. Mindy & Bill, thanks again for doing this. It meant alot to me & Amanda. And the scones were awesome!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Glad I was able to join you guys!


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