Monday, October 15, 2012

It Got A Little Muddy

We went to another race yesterday near Atalissa. 
It was raining.
The whole day.
But that didn't stop the racers.
 Ben's race course was 3 miles long. Because of the mud (rain=mud), it might have become the longest three miles ever. We only got to see him come through once.
I couldn't tell if he was smiling, mad or crying when he rode past. The kid was exhausted.
 Bill's race was sort of the same except it was 8 miles long. Rain, mud, single track, slippery hill climbs made for some interesting riding for Bill.
The kids bunkered down in the suburban during Dad's race while I waited it out in the back of the trailer wrapped in a blanket. I waited and waited, noticing the mud falling off other riders' bikes in sheets.

Here comes Bill!
 Oh. My.
 Dear Bike, The land owner called and wants his top soil back or a check. Either one, he's  good with.
 So this is what 4th place gets you...

Tweet @washing machine #getready
 Ben recovered enough to get out of the truck and grab his 3rd place plaque!
We arrived back home. The sun was shining. Neighbors were in shorts. We were covered in mud and looked a sight. I wonder if our neighbors are still disturbed by us?

There was no way our little at home pressure washer was going to knock miles of mud off everything, so we took them on a little trip to the local car wash and hosed them down, including the riding gear. 

Once home, I put the sopping wet, mud-laden clothes in the washing machine, added a half cup Borax, closed the door, pushed a bunch of buttons and hoped for the best. Wouldn't you know it- those babies came out cle-ean!! 
Dear Jean Makers, Please make all of my boys' jeans from riding gear material. I *heart* it!


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