Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Race

This has been edited because I really don’t know what I’m talking about.

While I was gone to Florida, Bill took the kids to another race in Illinois, Prophetstown, IL. It was about 6 3 hours away they drove part way there the night before, hung out at a hotel, swam, stayed up late, and partied before getting up early and heading to the race.

The next day proved to be cold again. Well, it was March.


Ben’s race is always first (until he moves up to the next class). There were 9 racers and Ben placed 4th overall. I guess they cut the time short, only letting them race for 20 minutes instead of 30, so Ben may have had a chance to catch another one. The hardest part is passing, which is also a hard thing to practice.


Around a Tree

I don’t have a picture of his trophy, but the 4th place one is bigger than his 1st place one!! How/where are we going to display all these trophies?

I’ve got pictures of Bill’s race, too, thanks to Audrey!

Starting Line

Up Hill

Bill said his course was really great and he was excited to ride on it. Unfortunately, after one lap, his bike broke and he had to push it a mile to a farmer’s house, so he didn’t finish. The good news was that he was going to get to see his buddy, Joe, so Joe could help him work on the bike. It’s currently in my garage, torn apart, with parts scattered everywhere!

There’s time before the next race to get it together. Also Ben has been practicing weaving around cones, throttle and brake control, etc. Bill watches riding videos in bed (so I end up watching them, too), then goes out and has Ben practice them. Both love it!

Fun stories

  • Ben got a letter from his cousin, Jabin, saying he was thankful Ben got another motorcycle so the two of them could race! This, of course, delighted Ben, but made Jabin’s momma’s heart thump a little louder.
  • Luke said he was glad Ben got a 4 2 stroke so he could ride the 2 4 stroke! (Do you hear the language my babies are saying?! They completely understand each other, whereas, I have to ask if the 2 4 stroke means the blue bike and the 4 2 stroke means the orange bike. All to which Ben then comments, yes the 50cc. What?! What’s a 50 cc? I thought we were talking strokes!)

Clearly, I have no idea what I’m writing about. I’m sorry for any errors in communicating to you what happened. If this were about chords and scales and time signatures and such, there wouldn’t be these mistakes. However, I’m in foreign territory and my garage is filled with fumes and littered with bike parts. 

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  1. It is definitely impressive how quickly kids pick things up. If it makes you feel any better I wouldn't have known a 2 stroke from a back stroke!
    Your blog is lovely and I really like all the time you obviously spend with your family. The kite-flying pictures were fab!!


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