Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Last Day in Daytona

Good news: The sun was shining on Wednesday.

Bad news: We were leaving and 4 of us wouldn’t get any beach time.

Good news: The 4 of us who wouldn’t get any beach time would get some sun anyway…



We drove past in late Saturday night and I was hoping to get to visit it while I was there. So, I kind of nicely, politely, pretty please, if that’s okay with every one else, we don’t have to but I’d really like to, asked to stop on our way to the airport. They said yes!!

Okay, I confess. I like NASCAR. I bet you didn’t know that about me. I’ve never been to a race and in fact, I haven’t even seen a race on t.v. yet this year. But I’d like to go to a race someday and even take a few laps with a driver.

We could go up into the stands at turn 4 and finally got a clue how to get to the top. From up there we could see all the way around! That is a serious amount of stands!!

DSC_0067More Stands

Pit row, the infield and lake…

InfieldPit Row

It is hard to tell the banking degree, even when you are there.

Turn 4

The beneath the stands.

MapUnder the Stands

Girls getting some sun. Notice the jeans and long sleeves. It is difficult to dress both to Florida and Minnesota/Iowa weather.

Sunny Stands

Thanks, Jacqui, for inviting me to celebrate your birthday and to Jennifer, your mom, who knocked it out of the park as far as birthday gifts go!

Jacqui in the stands

And then I checked in at the Orlando airport, got a delayed plane and ended up in Houston overnight. You read about it here.


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