Thursday, April 21, 2011

Parents vs Kids

Oh yeah! You read that right! Kids goin’ down! Talkin’ smack on the blog!

Hi! We just had a little friendly competition last night at Audrey’s youth group, called 180. The parents vs. the kids. It is a gross and great time! We are dealing with junior high kids and the weirder the food to stuff in your mouth, the better. Problem is, parents are challenged to do it also- billions of points are at stake!

It started off with a game of peanut butter sandwich, in which someone wear’s a t-shirt coated with peanut butter and another person tosses slices of bread to make them stick to the shirt. Of course, the most pieces of bread sticking wins. Thanks to my excellent parent partner, Julie, yours truly was able to stick 14!! slices to the shirt. Kids- 10. 1 billion points to the parents!!!!!

Other games included 80’s vs. current pop culture trivia, egg toss, gunny sack races, dodge ball (the Shepley’s? Who knew such a mild, homeschoolin’, peace-lovin’ family could kick 7th grade tush in dodgeball!!), and a relay race. The mother of all relay races!! Eating weird stuff, spelling, basketball, egg races, laying in the wet grass to spell words, wheelbarrow race, 3-legged race, etc. But it all comes down to the dizzy bat race. Seriously. Parents were far ahead of the kids to pull the relay off with no problem. Victory was ours. Nothing stood in our way… except for our age.

Spin around 10 times with your head bent over, stuck to a baseball bat, then run, circle around something and come back. I stayed far, far away from this one (last year, I took out a poor little girl- I just fell on her, smashed her to smithereens!). But when I get to the gym, who’s in line? Bill!!! I couldn’t watch. I held my friend’s hand. I prayed a prayer.

This race for kids is not a problem. Their inner ear adjusts very quickly to the spinning and they just fly through this game. Parents. Well, let’s just say, inner ear balance is not one of our strengths anymore. Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down? Well, they never did the dizzy bat race!

It comes down to literally the last two people. Screaming, clapping, cheering, crowding……


Parents win!!!! 5 billion points!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kids 1 billion Parents 10 billion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not excited or nothin’Smile

I’ve got a picture here for ya of my sweet girl, Audrey, and her friend, Destany. They plotted, schemed and texted all afternoon long, planning their outfits. Aren’t they great. (I’d say cute, but that’s not cool.)

P vs K A & D 

Now the competition is tied Parents 2 wins, Kids 2 wins! Next year. Bring it!!


  1. The joys of parenting! LOL
    Mine are now in their twenties and those types of days just seem like yesterday :)


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