Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend Part 2

The annual egg dying get more manageable. In part because the general age of the cousins is getting older, Chiara being the youngest at almost 3 and the rest on up. And in part because we’ve learned how to handle the crowd. A few years ago, this was not an event looked forward to in my book. Now, it’s not so bad.

I’m going to try to keep it short. There are lots of pictures to show. My mom wasn’t able to be with us because my grandma isn’t doing so well. You can send a little prayer up for my mom and grandma. But we still had a dozen eggs a piece. And the dad’s got in the action, too, which I believe they thought was boring since it went so well. Perhaps they even wondered what all the fuss was about all these years. Hmphh!


every one!


baby liked purple


chiara’s green hands from dunking


luke’s pattern: blue, green, blue, green


ariana’s eggs



So Jessica put the guys to work hiding over 100 plastic eggs. And she came up with a great system for the kids- Chiara and Ariana looked for pink and purple eggs; Luke and Athan looked for yellow and orange; Ben, Obi and Gavin looked for green and blue; and Cora, Audrey, Danny and Alex looked for camo eggs. They all looked for one golden egg which ended up being found way up in a tree and was retrieved by Alex so she could claim the $10 inside!




When we came home, we opened our last Resurrection Egg and Audrey and Luke reenacted the story of the tomb empty since Jesus rose from the dead. This year we either read the passages that go along with the eggs straight from the Bible, or the kids acted it out. It was a perfect way to involve all 3. Audrey is up for anything that she can be in charge of, but especially drama, Ben can be a good sport (sometimes) and Luke can be talked into anything. It was a good way for Luke to learn the story again. He would be all smiles and then Audrey would have to whisper something like “Your puppy died.” to help him have a sad face, which he instantly did. I tried not to laugh because they thought it all serious, but it was so cute. (Sorry, no pictures for the sake of the performance)

Happy Easter, everyone!



  1. :) Looks and sounds like the children and adults had a grand time!

  2. Wow, that's wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)


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