Sunday, April 3, 2011

On the Beach

I left Iowa with it looking like this:


Dreary, gray, cold. I needed sunshine and color like no other.

I woke up to this:



It was lovely, beautiful and warm. The girls and I donned our suits and dashed to the beach as fast as possible. We stayed there ALL DAY! I didn’t take any more pictures because the beach is full of sand and it was windy. We walked along the shore; ventured into the surf (the water was still quite cold) and lazed about under our umbrella. It was wonderful.

I must make mention that for supper we had bbq: chicken and pulled pork. It came with several different kinds of sauces, including a mustard sauce that was so yummy, I could have eaten it all. Wait, I did. I declared the leftovers all mine the next day. (If you’ve been reading for very long, you might recognize that I have a slight bbq addiction. I cannot deny it.)

We also sat around the table getting to know each other: Jacqui, my friend, Shari, Jacqui’s sister-in-law, Debbie, the mentor, Jennifer, Jacqui’s mom, Kim, Jacqui’s aunt that is the younger of the sisters, Beth, aunt, and Mary Ann, aunt/wife to the brother. Oh, and we found out A LOT about Jacqui. Oh my goodness! Talk about stories! and the laughter! Tears. We had tears in our eyes from laughing so much! I won’t share because what happens in Daytona stays in Daytona. Right, girls?


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