Monday, May 16, 2011

An Adorable Janitor

I’ve got some pictures for ya. And a video. About a broom. And a pair of overalls. And a solo. Sung by a janitor. Who’s in 7th grade. In a musical. About a gangsta’.

okay, okay, I’ll try full sentences now.

The 7th grade chorus put on a musical, Bugsy Malone Jr., Friday night. Audrey’s part was a janitor named Fizzy, who just wanted an audition but she never got one. She was fabulous. The whole 7th grade chorus was fabulous. Want to hear?

Here are some pics. The first three are courtesy of “the director’s” mom, who was sitting in the front row. Thanks Christy.

Fizzy- I Was Born to be a Dancer

Fizzy- I Won't Take No

Fizzy- Shoe Shine

Bugsy Malone Cast

Fizzy- Post ProductionFizzy- Thumbs

I love this janitor. And now I can get my broom back. She’s been practicing with it down in her room.


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