Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother’s Day, 2011

I have three precious kids and I worked hard to enjoy them every moment today. I wanted them to feel loved on Mother’s Day as much as I felt from them.

Mother's Day 1

Ben had something special squirreled away from school to give to me. He couldn’t wait to give it to me. So when I walked out of my room this morning, he was up and told me to close my eyes. Then he handed me a giant handmade card! We worked on making breakfast together- bacon, scrambled eggs, coffee cake muffins, banana muffins, and fresh strawberries.

After church, we all headed to our local farm store. You don’t know it, but that’s where all the cool moms hang out on Mother’s Day. Smile We were there to get a bird feeder that holds thistle seeds for Ben’s bird-watching hobby. I also wandered through their garden sections and picked out a few more plants for my flower beds.

On the way home, I saw a sign for an open house. We followed the signs and came across this beautiful acreage with a pond. The house is huge- five bedrooms, five baths and it has some other fun little perks in it as well. Bill says the layout is functional, it just needs updating. Mmmhmm. We don’t really have any intentions of moving yet but this place is going to haunt us for a while.  If anything comes of this little side trip, you can bet I’ll let you know.

Once home, we re-fueled, set up the new bird feeder, filled in the garden beds with the new plants and grilled for supper. Bill wasn’t being cheap, it’s just that often I like my food better than a restaurant’s. We had teriyaki steak, grilled asparagus, and herbed rice pilaf. No one complained.

Oh, we also stopped at Target after church, too. It was there that Audrey schemed with Luke to get me a little something. Luke had already handed me a violet from preschool and we had planted it. But, see, that is Audrey’s contribution to me. She’s the writer/producer/director and she gets the rest to go along. I love it when she does that. I had overheard “What about a present for Mom?” from Luke when he thought we were leaving Target without the acquired good, so I deftly made my way around Target (not a hard thing to do), so as to not be aware of anything going on. Audrey helped Luke wrap it up when we got home. They picked out some Essie nail polish in muchi, muchi. I remarked “That’s what the Pioneer Woman has!” Audrey and Luke thought they were brilliant! The are!

Speaking of Pioneer Woman and what other blog people have, I also got another Mother’s Day gift. It’s a necklace from The Vintage Pearl. I’ve read about this business on several blogs and I like their jewelry, though I’m not a big jewelry person. I had been pining for one for a while, when I saw a coupon code for a percentage off. So I asked Bill if he could get me a necklace for Mother’s Day. He said yes, so I picked it out, filled out the order form and ordered it. I love it! I was hoping to wear it all the time, but since it is sort of big, for me anyway, I don’t. Gee, I’ll just have to get something smaller. Winking smile

Mother's Day Necklace

Happy Mother’s Day!


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