Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cousins Day May Be Getting A Little Out of Hand

It was cousins day here on Friday. The progression of photos follows who showed up over the afternoon.


Rounded up here are the usual suspects (who can name that movie?) along with four neighbor kids who I watched just for the afternoon. That makes… 13. But then, since this is the obvious place to be, three more neighbor kids dropped by. 16. 16!! To get them to look at the camera, I had the say “Aunt Mindy’s Daycare!” Rolling on the floor laughing

THANK THE LORD it was sunny. I made them stay out all afternoon. We saw how many dandelions we could pick, sidewalk chalked, rode bikes, scooters, and roller blades up and down the sidewalk, played 4-square, took naps (well, the 3 youngest did), ate snacks, and at one point, I just laid down in the grass for a rest.

5:00 is when cousins day is over. You have to show up and take your kids. I even sent the three other neighbor kids packing. I think they were kind of surprised. One said he was still thirsty. I said, great, I bet your house has water, too.

The other neighbors? One guy left after his driveway (the turn around point) and surrounding sidewalk were clear. I think he went for a drink. The others hid their children inside locked doors. Laughing out loud

Excuse me, now. I have to go stock up on snacks again.

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  1. Luke gets the best smile award for the day. He has the biggest smile in all of the photos!


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