Friday, May 13, 2011

I Write as I Wander

This is a little fun something I’m trying as part of the Blog Guidebook site I’m following. The linky party question is where do I blog from?

I write from lots of places in my house, but here are pictures of the two main places.

My dining room table.

Where I Blog- Table

My living room couch.

Where I Blog- Couch

I have a laptop that I do everything on and it travels wherever my extension cord can reach. I’ve blogged from the basement family room, my bedroom, the kitchen countertop, my mom’s living room, etc.

Where I have not blogged from yet: the kids’ rooms, the laundry/mud room, the garage, my piano studio, my husband’s office, outside. But let it be known, I will never blog from any bathroom. Winking smile

My blogging comes from just wanting to write about my family and our everyday life and includes everything from dirty laundry to tasty recipes to walks of faith to motorcycles to vacation slideshows to music. I’m all over the place with this blog and it’s a lot of fun!

Tell me, where do you blog or read my blog from?


  1. Thanks for sharing - I have a laptop too and believe me I know exacting what you mean about it going with you as far as the extension cord will reach LOL

  2. Reading my blog from my couch, in my living room, where I blog often!! thanks for sharing your blog spot.


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