Saturday, January 28, 2012

Break Your Heart

Tonight I share this for some friends of mine. I wrote this a year ago, scribbled into a notebook from my purse on a Sunday morning in a grocery store parking lot. A tough decision was made back then; a tough decision was made this week. Both were right; both were in love. Both bounce hollow from this world’s viewpoint. This came after hearing it’s echo.

Get your hand dirty

Are you gonna listen and then ignore

Or are you gonna fall to your knees, face to the floor

Will you walk along side, feel the hurts and the pains

Will you risk all you have or let someone else carry the stains

Do you dare to try what He asks of you

Be obedient and love

Let Him be faithful and true

Will your heart ache, will you see as He does

Enter in, get your hands dirty, break your heart 

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