Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Part 1

I am going to attempt to knock out all the Christmas catch-up this week. There’s nothing that says New Year’s Resolution like blog about your Christmases starting January 9th. Smile

Christmas Eve Day: my family came over early for brunch. We had ham and brunch type foods. Yum. Then we had gifts. Fun. Then we had goodies. Burp. Then the kids went outside because it was warm and they could ride their bikes. Quiet.

I took less than a dozen pictures. I didn’t even capture all of the kids. I mostly captured one kid and you’ll never guess which one.

Not only can Aunt Mindy not get enough of the newest nephew, neither can Uncle Bill.

Catching DroolFingers

Sometimes we just need Grandpa’s supervision with our new toys…

Figuring It Out

Or sharing in the Christmas cards.


And someone’s got to make sure there’s enough first Christmas pictures. I took this duty upon myself. Smile

In the MirrorJingle Smiles

Everyone left to go home and we went to our church’s Christmas Eve service. It was wonderful. Oh, how I so need Jesus and I rejoiced, soaked in that He came for me. Immanuel.


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