Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Show Choir, Our First Experience

A couple of Saturdays ago, the Ballard 7th and 8th grade show choir went to their first competition of the year. Since they were singing at 8:50 in the morning our day started extra, extra early.

Commence coffee, breakfast in the bathroom, curling irons, hair products, make-up, hairspray, more make-up, hairspray.


After the fog lifted from the bathroom, I found my cell phone slightly shellaced with hairspray, but there was no time for cleaning that off. We had to get to the show!!

I plopped down in my seat with a friend beside me and we waited for the Ballard Re-Mix to make their appearance.


*GASP!* The girls were so pretty with their hair done up. The boys looked nice but a little more out of place, what with a slick green shirt, a tie, dress pants, and on stage at an early hour.

We listened and watched as they went through their show- 4 songs all with actions. Yay!! Cheer!! WooHoo!!

After it was over, the kids changed into regular clothes, got something to eat and we all watched and waited until the rest of the middle school choirs were done.

Then it was time for the announcements of who would win. *Fingers crossed*

Aw, not us this year. That’s okay. We have a tremendously big show choir, which I think is awesome. They sang well. And more importantly, as one kid even said, they had fun! Perfect!!


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  1. Holy cow, it is a big show choir! It could still be big even if they split in half! :)
    I loved show choir competitions. Let me know when the next one is...I might find myself there to watch. :)


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