Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Part 3

This Christmas coverage wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share how our own family celebration went.

Let’s start off right. After a few swallows of our preferred beverage, we engaged in the Christmas story. There is always something new to be gained from listening to the story again.

Start of the Day

Then it was time for the kids’ gifts. Here’s what we did this year. You might remember reading this before Christmas and that’s what we chose to do with our own take on it. To begin with, Bill and I hardly ever give each other gifts at Christmas. It varies once in a while, but we pretty much stick to that. The kids only received a few gifts but as you can tell with these smiles, it doesn’t seem that they mind at all.

Camera HeavenSmiles 2Strumming

And that was that. Seriously.

I did hear one little comment about not getting a lot of toys but he himself said that it was better to be able to give and I praised him for seeing the difference.

And that is what we wanted to have happen.

My kids each gave a “gift” towards whatever thing they wanted to give. It looked different for each one, but fit them exactly. In turn, I didn’t pile gifts upon them, compensating or rewarding them for doing so. I let it be what it was. If I had, I would have taken away the joy that was theirs to embrace.

After the traditional Christmas meal of steak and sweet potato fries… uh, it was really nice out so Bill grilled steaks, the rest of the day was spent tuning, tightening, attaching, playing, recording, reading and just being together.

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  1. I think grilling Christmas steaks is going to become a new tradition. :)


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