Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It’s Concert Season, Part 3

Audrey’s band concert was the week before school let out for break. This concert always compromises of the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade bands. Though it makes for a crowded gym sometimes (as 3/4 of the 5th grade is still in band at this point) it is always good to hear the progression each band makes over the years. The ones who benefit from this the most should be the kids, but a lot of times it’s the parents who can hold out hope that one day those squeaks and squawks will fade away into smooth sounds.

Whoops, sorry about the eyes closed. Didn’t take a lot of pics to begin with and this is the best. (Still trying to learn the balance between not enough and too many pics.) Also, they obviously weren’t playing here because if they were, you wouldn’t be able to see her as the director would be in the way.

Eyes Closed

Here’s the video.

I realize only grandparents may end up watching this but if you do watch, listen closely.

I don’t want to point this out as a fault, but as an observation. The woodwinds pull away from the rest of the band with their own tempo (meaning speed). And while I listened and cringed, fearing an unsalvageable catastrophe, the whole band somehow pulls it back together and they go on. A younger band would probably  fall completely apart, have to stop and then start up again. I’m not saying that Audrey’s band is like, THE BEST!, I’m saying that it shows a degree of attentiveness on the part of the students and the coolness of the director. If Mr. Keese was sweating, we can’t tell through his jacket.

*sigh* I love band.

This is also the end of the Christmas Concert Season. Up next, Show Choir Season, Spring Concert Season, Harescramble Season. Wait- how’d that sneak in here?!


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