Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Part 2

Bill’s family came after Christmas for a few days, so the yum, fun and burp lasted a bit longer (quiet being a relative term here- only 5 cousins versus the 10).

Banangrams- putting this in because everyone said I should Winking smile


Then, before gifts, a cousin portrait. Or two.

Ward CousinsCrazy Cousins

After dinner, a walk.

Boys in the BrushTall TalesSister and BrotherUp a Tree

And after that- a visit by a bunny.


Yes, my sister got a bunny for her birthday and needed Dr. Denise to show her how to clip the bunny’s nails. (That’s the very short story.)

Denise and Bunny

My sister also brought the girls, who promptly disappeared to play with the kids and, of course, Valor. I took pictures of him, but won’t show them because Bill’s parents never stopped playing with him long enough to get a good, non-blurry shot. Who can blame them?

We split up the next day- Steve and co. along with Grandma and Luke went to Des Moines to take Denise to the airport *sniff* and then visited the Science Center. The rest of us stayed home and cheered our best for the Cyclones in their bowl game. *sniff*

The next day, we decided to see the High Trestle Trail Bridge which is just west of Madrid. You can see from the pictures that the bridge is lots of fun. The day, for being the end of December was wonderful, though a little windy up high, of course. At night the arches above the bridge are LED lit, so we are going to have to go back another time.

Bridge BrigadeJabin On the Go

Tayla discovered the dress-up box and danced to the Nutcracker for us. I’m forgetting which movement she danced to- maybe the Arabian movement.

Dancing Tayla

Then we had appetizers for supper (recipes to come), watched the ball drop in New York, *yawn* (By the way, that is completely uneventful for everyone except those actually present in Times Square.) and went to bed. *see yawn above* The Texas cousins left the next morning.  They were reeealy hoping for snow and the night before they left was the best chance of it appearing. *sniff*

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  1. Agreed! Watching the ball drop is boring. Dave and I were in bed at 10. We are also boring;)


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