Tuesday, February 25, 2014

IERA Banquet, '14

In January, the Iowa Enduro Riders Association held their annual awards banquet. It has been almost 2.4 months since we last saw our friends so we had to go. Oh, and we had some prizes to collect.

Just like Ben in his first year of racing, Luke placed 3rd overall for the season for his first year. He may not have always had a top finish in each race but he ran more races than some of the other higher finishers and that gave him the points edge for the 3rd place spot. The boy in the middle was first and the boy in the hat was 2nd. This was for the 50's class.

As you know, Ben races his heart out in every race. He had a couple of goals this year. One, to place first overall. Second, to beat a certain kid in the 85's class, which he did in several races. He probably had more goals, like to beat all the 85's even though he rides a 65. All the boys are shown in order starting with Ben.

Bill's riding has really improved and he started finishing in the top 5 or 6 toward the end of the season. It gave him a 4th place finish for the overall season in the Senior B class. These guys are not listed in order and at least one didn't attend the banquet. 

You may remember that last year the winners were awarded trophies. The year before that was a metal sign. This year they were given pit boards along with some other swag. Ben also received a personalized jacket. Here's the feeling among the kids definitely and a couple of the moms I talked with. We think the pit boards are fine, but there is nothing like getting a trophy when you are a kid. A real award. To my understanding, a different local club hosts the awards banquet and I'm guessing they also decide the type of award. That's why there is such a difference. It's fine but I can tell you I have a really hard working 11 year old who is kind of disappointed he doesn't have a toppling trophy to set on his bookcase in his room for his first place efforts. (Mom note: maybe it doesn't have to be toppling)

In any case, the prizes weren't over with. On each table is a pile of keychains, pamphlets, and stickers galore, which if you visit you can see all plastered on Luke's bedroom door. Then everyone is entered for door prize drawings. The prizes line the wall. Well, one of the first names drawn was Ben's and he picked up a brand new super nice helmet. Uh, not sure what Bill got. I got a bag of sample Mary Kay products! Then I was just telling everyone at the table how we don't need any more hats and what does Luke come back with? A hat!! Two hats for him that night.

Besides awards for points places, an award is given to every rider who races every race of the year. It's called the Iron Man award and wouldn't' you know it, Ben did it. In big part to his dad, who got his bike ready and drove to every race even when it got rained out throughout most of June and we kept racing until they were all made up!! (Bill sat out one race.) The prize given to each Iron Man was a personalized cooler, and folding chair and next year's membership paid!! (No hats.) 
All that plus t-shirts and sweatshirts… good thing we drove separate vehicles!

Here are my hard working boys and man! Even if they didn't get a single thing, I would still be proud of them! 


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