Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Best

Thursday was a low action day. We were hunting and searching for things to do since the weather was not exactly cooperating with lounging by the beach. It was cold and windy.
We had heard of a seabird sanctuary and decided to check it out. It was free so we figured it was at least something to do. We got to see a lot of birds in confines and were very glad for a breeze since many birds in cages are, um, stinky.
After lunchmeat sandwiches in the car, we decided to try our luck at mini-golf. We had coupons for Smuggler’s Cove so off we went. After looking at prices, the kids only got to golf. They had live alligators that you could feed for a price, so we skipped that part. Instead, I tried to feed them a bit of Luke’s leftover sandwich but the alligators were forgoing dry crust for a bit of sunshine and a snooze. This was the nicest mini-golf course we had ever been on. I mean, the course was nicely maintained, the greens were green and it was a lot of fun. Luke scored a hole in one, amazingly. You should watch him golf. It’s more chasing the ball around and no aiming whatsoever. But the kid has luck on his side. He will probably grow up to be the kind of kid who is naturally talented and if he worked hard he could really go far, but occasionally just gets lucky (thus deterring him for really applying himself). And his cute looks totally work for him! Anyway… the kids loved the course.

We decided to check out downtown St. Petersburg. There were a couple of art museums that Bill, Audrey and I would have loved to see, but decided in a couple of years would be better. Instead we went to The Pier, which would be a really great place to watch all the boats on a nice, sunny, non-windy day. But today was not that day. So we looked through the binocular thingy at whatever we could see, ate some ice cream, bought a couple of post cards and left. We traveled back to the mini-golf for a second round. Audrey scored a hole in one. We would recommend the mini-golf if you have nothing else to do on a windy, cold day in St. Pete.

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  1. Sorry the weather didn't cooperate. At least it was warmer than IA!


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