Monday, March 29, 2010


This picture shows what we are going through with the kids this week for Easter. These are Resurrection Eggs and inside them is a little symbol or token for each part of the Easter Story. I found a book, called Benjamin’s Box, in which the story coincides with the eggs. Each day we read a page or two about a fictional boy named Benjamin who has a box and he fills it with a little something to remind him of his encounters with Jesus. We read the Scripture passages that correspond to the story as well. It is very short but memorable for our kids. Audrey loves the eggs and the story because she tries hard to remember the right order and guess before everyone else. Ben loves them because it is about a boy named Ben! The one having the most fun is Luke as he is instructed that he can only open the ones we’ve opened and not any others. He will sit for many minutes breaking open the eggs to see what is inside. He also tries to crack them open like the chef shows the students in the movie Sabrina (a-one-a-two-a crrrack)! I love them because they sit in a bowl with the book by it and I catch the kids looking at them and the book and sharing it with their friends.


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