Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Little Wet

On Tuesday we went to Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Here they rescue and rehabilitate hurt sea animals. We saw a short video about a dolphin named Winter who has a prosthetic tale. Apparently, Winter’s story of determination is inspirational, especially to those who also need prosthetic limbs. The video was very touching and when I looked over at the kids afterwards, Audrey was teary and I think Ben was too. (I didn’t say anything, though, because that would have ruined the moment.)
We saw many sea turtles and Ben got to reach in and touch a sting ray.

Then we watched the dolphin show. The trainer was working with two dolphins. They did several tricks and the kids really enjoyed the show. They were able to sit right up next to the glass and got splashed a little during some of the tricks. They thought it was great.
Finally, the show was over and one dolphin did one last trick, which was to swim by very fast and slap the water, which in turn SOAKED the kids! The audience jumped back in surprise and laughed, except for my two boys, who cried. Audrey got the most wet and later on she was the stinkiest, since getting splashed with marine aquarium water is not the same as pool water.


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