Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Before we left for vacation, I asked a friend of mine, Kate, to come over and see Audrey's room. Audrey's room has been, up to this point, essentially a room for storing stuff and sleeping in, but not a room that she wants to hang out in and not a room that even I want to cozy up in with her. I asked Kate if she would pretty, pretty please come over while we were on vacation and do something about it.

Well, she did. Now in this video (if it loads, hopefully), Audrey knows nothing about her room. We just got back from Florida and I found a reason to get her to go down to her room.

Are you smiling? I am. Everytime I watch this video, I smile. I can't help it.

Isn't Kate wonderful? She will humbly pass off the compliment, but she really is wonderful. I've had her come over a few times to rescue me- decorating for house showing, tweaking my Christmas tree, etc. I imagine her and her little helpers (Jenn, Mark, and kids) just sweeping in and with a wave of her magic decorating wand creating little paradises, one room at a time. I know it's not that easy. Mark had to move Audrey's bed, maybe more than once! Jenn had to go shopping with Kate, maybe more than once!

Many times over, Kate, thank you!!



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  1. And another Thank you to Jen who also helped decorate!!!!! :)


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