Saturday, March 20, 2010


I have a brother. Between our two families, we have produced SEVEN children! We have Audrey(11), Ben(7) and Luke(4) and Philip and Jessica have Cora(9), Obi(7), Gavin(6) and Athan(2). We are a full house when the cousins get together. (My sister has more kids, but what person in their right mind invites all 11 cousins over at once?)
Do I love them? I am the crazy aunt who has whispered “Aunt Mindy” into each one of their precious baby ears until they say it, forces them to give me a kiss whenever I point to my cheek and generally makes their lives slightly uncomfortable, but totally loved.
They are spending the night tonight. What do you need to house seven children between the ages of 11 and 2?
Lots of room, pillows, and blankets.
Lots of food. Lots.
Lots of room and good weather to go outside.
Lots of throwing and catching things and riding vehicles.
Lots of food.
Lots of time to watch whatever drama is being acted out.
Time. Energy. Patience. Resourcefulness.
Lots of room for time outs (just in case).
Lots of books, games, and movies (for sanity, goodness sakes!)
Did I mention food?
An in fridge water dispenser is very entertaining. (They suddenly become very thirsty when they are here.)
Lots of love.
They were planning to move to Michigan but are not going to anymore. I am glad for that. There is a lot more love to lavish on them. We want to remain forever Unco Bill and Aunt Minny to them. And I’m thinking about starting to moisten my lips just before kissing them, just to seal the deal.


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