Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Edible Rainbow

Do you have memories as a child of jello salads for Easter or any holiday, for that fact? Do you remember the shredded carrot jello? The coconut jello? The diced fruit/ fruit cocktail jello? Do you remember wishing that for just once Grandma would not put anything in the jello? Yes? Great! You are on the same page as me. Now think back to the myriad of pot-lucks that you attended as a child. As you stood in line, trying to keep track of all your utensils, napkin and hoping your roll wouldn't roll off your plate, you scoured the line-up of casseroles, sides and desserts hoping for something you could sufficiently fill your growling all the way through service tummy with. You were willing to risk it on some slightly interesting dishes and you were also taught to eat what you put on your plate, even if it killed you in the process and they had another pot-luck after the memorial service to remember you by.
Well, gone are those days. For one, potlucks just aren't as common any more and your children have suffered the ill side effects of not having to eat strange food anymore. Except when it comes to holidays, such as Easter. That is when gobs of family and friends are invited over, bringing their dishes with them, and your never know what they are gonna get. I know you've done your best parenting when it comes to food and the kids will manage to choke down enough to satisfy you and their bellies, but what about if you come in as super-hero mom, aunt, grandma, etc and save the day with...

Rainbow Gelatin Cubes

4 packages (3 oz. each) assorted flavored gelatin
6 envelopes unflavored gelatin, divided
5 ¾ c. boiling water, divided
1 can (14 oz.) sweetened condensed milk
¼ c. cold water

In a bowl, combine one package flavored gelatin and one envelope unflavored gelatin. Stir in 1 c. boiling water until dissolved. Pour into a 9 x 13 inch pan that is coated with non-stick spray. Refrigerate until almost set but not firm, about 20 minutes.
In a bowl, combine the condensed milk and 1 cu. boiling water. In another bowl, sprinkle two envelops unflavored gelatin over the cold water; let stand for 1 minute. Stir in ¾ c boiling water. Add to the milk mixture. Pour 1 c. of the creamy gelatin mixture over the first flavored gelatin layer. Refrigerate until firm, about 25 minutes.
Repeat from beginning of recipe three times, alternating creamy gelatin layers with flavored gelatin. Chill each layer until firm before pouring next layer on top. Refrigerate for at least an hour after completing last layer before cutting into 1 inch squares.
Makes about 9 dozen cubes (if you cut it perfectly) recipe from a Taste of Home submission

Get whatever flavors/ colors of jello you like and go to it. The kids gobble them down. The parents eat them up and count their blessings one layer by one layer that their fabulous sister/daughter/mom made these for the kids so that there would be peace and fullness at the dinner table. This recipe does take a while to do since you need at least 25 minutes chilling time per layer. And the compliments? Compliments galore! Occasionally there is a child who doesn't like the sweetened condensed layer, but you can just sweetly whisper into their ear that they should be thankful and eat it up, otherwise their aunt will make them give her double the kisses!


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