Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Made With Love

Today, because I love my grandma, because she fell over the weekend and had to go to the emergency room, because I know she loves us with every threading of a needle, every stitch sewed tight with love, I’m showing you these pictures.

Great Grandma has 9 biological great- grandchildren and for each one she has made an ABC book. Each page has a letter with a picture starting with the letter. She has cross-stitched these for each of her 9 great-grandchildren (and is working on #10!).

ABC Books

She has also made at least 9 blankets. They are usually blocks of plain and patterned fabric, backed with a solid fabric. Great-Grandma blankets are what we call them. Love is really what they should be called.

Great Grandma Blankets


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  1. My mom and I went to visit your grandma today in the hospital, and the first thing she showed us were these pictures!! She's so proud! It was good to see her today. Bob pulled up the same time we got there, so we got to see him too--perfect timing!


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