Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I’m going to try out something new. It’s related to a new book I’m reading. I’m not going to tell you the name of the book yet, because I’m not done and my verdict isn’t in yet, but Lori and Nicole know which book I’m talking about. I’m sucked into the book, so I’ll probably finish it very soon (compared to the stack on my bedside table).

Anyway, my point here is to listen, look and be aware of any moment to be thankful for. We are going to include ANYTHING: good, bad, happy, sad, easy, trying. If we limit to thanking God only for the good things in life, then we’re mis-understanding him. In a nutshell, we say to God, I only have faith when things go my way. That’s not who or what God is or does.

It’s reader participation. Leave your thankfuls in the comment section. I’ll remove the log-in section so that more can join. It can be one, it can be many. Look for them. We’ll do it on Thursdays because I like alliteration (words that start with the same letter). It’s corny and cheesy, but it is also easy to remember.

My thankfuls:

watching piano students examine their music for better understanding

listening to dinner banter of 2 boys and 3 girls

the quiet of a house and not feeling lonely at the same time

the heat of a shower


  1. thankful--
    --for sunshine on a Monday morning
    --for enough time for a pancake breakfast with my family
    --for spring in the air
    --for a God who provided an eternal HOME for me

  2. ~ fun songs on the radio
    ~ opportunities
    ~ God-given gifts
    ~ my dear Wed-after-D6 friends!!


  3. -an inside toilet to clean
    -a healthy daughter with lots of long hair
    -a wind chime when it is cold and windy out
    -lasagna sauce cooking in the pot all day
    -a son home on leave coming to dinner

  4. - for a wife who tolerates her boys coming home muddy (thanks hon!)
    - for 3 smiles who mug me everyday when I get home

  5. - little kids who get excited when they hear I will be wrangling them.
    - an ice cold, creamy cream soda!
    - the laugher I hear from my niece and nephews
    - the joy that serving others brings me

  6. - all of my amazing, loving girlfriends
    - having a sick child to make me stay home and slow down this week
    - FPU
    - a hard-working husband
    - God's direction and guidance when I'm not sure what to do

  7. -20 women to fellowship with weekly
    -warm drinks and some quiet time while my little one sleeps
    -a bill from a surgery that came in at only $10
    -looking forward to meeting someone after years of writing letters

  8. -a wonderful family
    -my job
    -my parents' animals who give me joy


Thanks for reading. Kind comments are always welcomed!