Monday, March 21, 2011

Read This, Watch This, Hear This, Attend This

Need help focusing your mind and preparing your heart during Lent? Are you seeing your ‘giving up’ as a burden and drudgery. Read this blog, A Glad Surrender, as you walk with Christ in the days leading up to Easter.

The Discovering David Dansville DVD is now available. We’ve watched it a couple times already and it is good and there’s this really cute orphan in it, too. You can get one by going to the Cornerstone online store and ordering them. It’s really easy. Get yours today. Also, get the Anthem albums there, too. Rock and worship like you never thought possible from a “church band.”

Wednesday, March 23 at 6:30 at Cornerstone, the current Rosebud Host Families will be sharing a snippet of their life with a Rosebud student. Yours truly is going to be there, though I hope to pass the mic to Bill and let him do the speaking. This is for the curious, this is for the not curious, this is for the not faint of heart, this is for the faint of heart. Hear from those who have been willing to “help widows, orphans, and those in distress”. Witness as they testify to how God is loosening the chains. Have your heart be broken for the lost.

Now this one is ladies only. But men (if there is any men reading this), you will want your lady to attend this. Or maybe you won’t. Because she will come home wanting to be a better woman, a Godlier woman, a Biblical Woman, and that my friend, means God will be working on you. Surprised smile Not married? Don’t worry- God speaks to ALL women. Not perfect? Perfect!! Neither is the speaker and the other women you will meet. But you will be encouraged and we women need that (even more than a massage and a pedicure!)It’s at Cornerstone Church, in Ames, on Saturday, April 2nd from 9-2, with lunch! Click here to register!

Sorry to be so bossy. These things are mucho important! As Christ followers, He calls us to choose the narrow path, not the wide path. The wide path may seem easier, but it leads to death. The narrow path is hard, but it leads to life. Let me say that again. The narrow path is HARD!! That’s why we need resources like these. These encourage us on our journey. They confirm that life on the narrow path means you do things the rest of the world, the wide path, doesn’t do. They set our mind on things above because we forget, in the middle of the hardness, that this path leads to life. I need reminders. Like ALL THE TIME! That’s what these things are for. Use them, please.  Smile



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