Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To the Dentist

We’ve been waiting a while to see our dentist. He started his own practice in the fall and we finally got in to see him. Oh, there’s not a huge waiting, I’m just not always on top of scheduling things.

We could not wait to see Dr. Overman. After going to his open house, the kids were very excited about the kids’ room, where there are toys and books and a tv. Luke, especially thought there were snacks every where since that was the way it was during the open house. He didn’t seem to disappointed though when we told him he wasn’t going to get any snacks.

Dr Overman

His assistant with the help of her assistant taught the kids how to properly brush their teeth. (I’m sorry for the blurry pictures, smudged lens.)

Alligator Smile

Then they went into the examining room and they are so efficient there they can do two kids at once!! Okay, no, not really. But she did a good job prepping the boys on all the fancy tools and equipment.

Two at Once

Luke was a bit hesitant when it was his turn. I took him in and after getting some cool shades, he got to see his teeth up on the tv, so that was fun. Thank goodness we were not there for any teeth extracting, but we will have to go back. (sigh) He’s got some cavities that need help.

Taking Pictures

Why is this so important to tell all of blog-land about my kid’s dental appointment? I guess it started with Luke’s traumatic visit last year and this is the first follow up after that. Mainly, its for the grandmas and grandpas who read this. And to not leave anyone out, I will need a filling replaced sometime, Bill’s are fine and Audrey’s are perfect. Ben’s will probably come in fine, though when I look at his mouth now, I swear he will have to have braces but Dr. Overman isn’t quite as sure. And now you know all about our teeth.Open-mouthed smile

P.S. Absolutely everyone who see’s Luke’s missing tooth asks him about it. I told him to say “Dr. Overman pulled it out.” so that he would know how to answer and people are very fine with that answer. Now he has shortened it to “It got pulled out.”


  1. Just the other day, I book myself an appointment with Dr. Overman as well! Hopefully I won't have any cavities!

  2. I'm trying to decide if Audrey is the corner of the room being a "Charlie's Angel" and gonna try and shoot the assistant if she messes with her brothers or if she is cowering and trying to hide hoping that she will disappear into the corner so that she won't have to be next. (If I was her I would be doing the latter. I still haven't seen the dentist since moving.)


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