Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Breaking It

Does that title make any sense? Probably not. It’s been Spring Break this past week and though the to-do list loomed large, I just decided I wasn’t going to spend my time trying to get those things done. I’ve got kids to be with!!

We’ve been:

  • sleeping in until way later because Daylight Savings Time messed us up
  • staying in our jammies and lounging until way later
  • going to a hockey game with a buddy
  • going to Perfect Games for some bowling and game playing
  • going to the library
  • teaching some piano lessons because I’m going to be gone later on this month
  • playing with friends at their house
  • playing with friends at our house
  • learning how to knead bread dough
  • making chocolate dipped banana pops, chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate dipped Girl Scout shortbread cookies
  • going on hikes
  • learning how to ride a 2-wheeler
  • vacuuming out the vehicles
  • running outside
  • riding motorcycles
  • going on a date
  • going to a movie 
  • going to the Science Center
  • going to Trader Joe’s
  • attending a baseball camp
  • girl shopping while boys are at baseball camp
  • being flipped upside down by Uncle Philip on the trampoline
  • doing dishes by hand because we’re out of dishwasher detergent
  • playing outside in the dark
  • finding constellations
  • having sleepovers two nights in a row
  • going to bed early the next night
  • visiting Great Grandma in the hospital
  • winning 2 adult x-large t-shirts playing basketball in the hospital cafeteria
  • trying to figure out what day it is

Spring Break, 11

It’s been a great Spring Break. Tell me, what did you do on your break? I hope it was great!


  1. I'm in SEATTLE!! Wait....technically I'm in Victoria, BC right now. :) I'm out here for work. Not exactly spring break. But I decided to take some time and go on a little excursion. :)

  2. I would just like to note that I won that racecar race. :)

  3. That sounds great! We had a similar spring break - lots of time in our jammies, a couple walks, a quick trip to Minneapolis complete with a ride at the Mall of America for each girl, a date night, etc. Looking forward to the all-girls spring break this weekend!


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