Monday, April 16, 2012

Burnt Bunny Butts

My mom sent the kids a package the week before Easter. In it were some grahams, chocolate and Peeps. It was for making Peep s’mores.

The directions she found said to make them in the microwave, but we were grilling that night so we gave them the classic s’more treatment.

*Confession- my kids had never had Peeps up until that day*

Lots of excitement as we ripped open the package and stabbed a few pink bunnies.

A Peep and a Smile

You know how a regular mallow will brown up on the outside but if you do it just right you can get the insides all nice and squishy too? Well, it’s not quite that way with a Peep. See the outside is coated with sugar. And what happens when you set heat to sugar? It caramelizes, turning into a burnt sugar. So what we ended up with were crème brulee bunnies!

Roasting PeepsBurnt Ears

We also found out that Peeps slide more easily off the roasting fork than a regular mallow.

Peep Aflame

What a tragic ending!

Tragic Ending

Later in the weekend, we had another fire and tried our hand again at Peep roasting and it went much better. Thanks, Mom!



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