Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It’s Track Season

As I’ve previously mentioned, Audrey is in track this year. After a couple of meets where she got to run a 200, she’s now falling into stride with 800’s and 1500’s.

If you ask her, she’ll say she doesn’t like the mile; she prefers the 800. If you ask me, she still kicks it even if she doesn’t like it!

I’ve got some pictures for you of tonight’s meet. She ran the 4x800 and the open 800. It looks like from my pictures that she ran them with her eyes closed but really she didn’t.

The 4x800, running the third leg

Passing the BatonRunning with Eyes Closed

Open 800. It’s always a pile of runners and they crowd in right away so Audrey got pinned in and couldn’t maneuver out very well. She still held her own, though.


And she’s still willing to battle it out to the end.

Close the Gap 1Close the Gap 2Close the Gap 3

I’m so proud of her for going out for track!


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