Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wax Museum Ben

The 3rd graders put on a Wax Museum presentation just last week. It all looked really great and the kids did a nice job preparing for their little speech. It was worth the scramble.

Wait… what scramble?

Oh yes, that scramble. Here’s my version of the scramble.

A letter comes home explaining the wax museum and how the kids need to pick a historical person that they will research and then come in character as on such and such date.

I read that as historical meaning someone from past history, like presidents and Betsy Ross and such and tell Ben so. Being the awesome kid he is, he sets aside his hopes of being David Knight or Ryan Dungey, his two favorite riders and picks Benjamin Franklin.

Research goes on and on at school. Nothing happens here because Ben tells me he doing all the work at school (but he did read one book on B.F. that we had here anyway).

The week of, Ben tells me he needs a costume. I ask you- Do you have any Ben Franklin period costumes in your dress up box? I didn’t think so or I would have called.

I call all the costume places in the area asking for a kid sized B. Franklin get up. Nope, try Amazon is what they tell me. Ha! You betcha!! Crossing fingers it will arrive in time, I hit ‘place order’.

Meanwhile, I rant on Facebook about needing a costume and how come I can’t remember who Audrey went as in 3rd grade and wondered if they even did this when she was in 3rd grade and can Ben F just come as a biker because I have all that stuff. Come to find out, no, the wax museum thing didn’t start until the year after Audrey was in 3rd grade. But then I also found that Ben COULD HAVE GONE AS DAVID KNIGHT OR RYAN DUNGEY!!!!!!!!!! Some classmates were going as football players!! So in terms of historical I totally didn’t get it. *sigh*

Thursday evening arrives. Thursday evening the UPS man arrives. Thursday evening I contemplate if it is okay to hug your UPS man.

Friday morning, I head to school to see and hear Benjamin Franklin. I get a nice comment from someone on his costume. I smile.

Luke (he was off of school for kindergarten round-up) pushes the button and Benjamin Franklin stands up to recite:

Hello. My name is Benjamin Franklin. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 17, 1700. When I moved to Pennsylvania I invented the first heater. I also discovered that lightning was a form of electricity. By tying a key to a kite. when the key started rattling I knew that electricity was up there and I knew that lightning was making electricity. I also earned the title of “The First American”. I invented the lightning rod, bifocal glasses and the glass harmonica. When I was about 11 my brother James started a newspaper. I placed letters under the door and signed them Mrs. Dogood. James did not know this and he put that in the newspaper. When I was 22 I wrote the Pennsylvania Gazette. It became very successful. I died on April 17, 1790. You should remember me because I invented [discovered] electricity. 

I know, it’s a bit of bragging here. I was proud of him, not only for the work but because he did it willingly and thoroughly even though he knew he could have been someone else. And he was also willing to wear that vest and jabot (the white thing around his neck) and would have worn the “authentic wig and glasses” had they arrived earlier. (They were waiting on the door step when I got home.) (I KNOW!!) But still worth the scramble.


I’ll just make a quick note: If your kid attends Ballard and you need a Ben Franklin costume in 3rd grade for wax museum day, I’m here for you.  I’d also like to mention that Luke will be going as Benjamin Franklin when he’s in 3rd grade and possibly they will both dress up as him for Halloween at some point and if camp ever has a famous person theme night- they are totally going as B. F. I’m going to squeeze every last penny out of that shipping cost that I can.


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