Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One of THOSE Pictures

Now don’t get me wrong- I love my daughter for who she is and my comments below shouldn’t be taken as anything but a now mom future reflecting for her daughter about this picture. 

Giant Flamingo

What is going on in the picture? Audrey is pointing out the obvious awesomeness of this giant pink flamingo, seated, by the way, in a giant lawn chair.

Which came first- the giant flamingo or the giant chair? ?

Where does one find such giant awesomeness? One Man’s Junk, in Ames

What is she holding in her hand? Her Ipod. It clearly indicates this moment is Iworthy.

Why the sweats? She had just come from an early morning of Easter drama rehearsal at church. Sweats are what you wear to the rehearsal when you have costume to change into.

Why the boots? Uh, what ELSE do you wear with sweats?!

Why the pursed lip look? This is the “in” photo look. All the girls are doing it. In 20 years they can all look back and be aghast laugh at themselves when their daughters ask why they look that way in every photo.

Anything else? Yes, when you are having a not happy day, just think of something ridiculous, like this giant pink flamingo, strike a pose and  get awesome!


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