Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Two Current “Favorite” Missionaries

So you all know how obsessed I seem to be lately with the Hatmaker family. The fact that I’ve talked openly with Bill about how the Ward’s  and the Hatmaker’s could quite possibly be BFF’s is just a little secret between him and me.


And, while I continue to make excuses or, in general, just postpone the review of both of their books, let me introduce you to a new couple- the Wrights. I’m really new into them, so I don’t know too much but what I have read has not only cracked me up but has struck some chords in my soul and I just had to share.

They are writing from Costa Rica.

I went to Costa Rica!!

They have Adventures in Missions advertised on their blog.

I went to Costa Rica with Adventures in Missions!!

They call it like they see it.

Uh, have you spent ANY time with me?!

Ok, you have, so let me re-phrase: They call it like they see it from an in-the-field Biblical perspective.

Today, I’m just going to direct you to their latest posts, which (see above) have struck some chords in my soul.

*note- I have chords in my soul, not algorithms or some other such things which might or might not strike, hit, speak or otherwise touch you in a deep way in your soul*

I really dig this chica.  Now let me say right off, she swears *GASP!!!* So choose now whether you can get over that for the sake of the messages she shares. (I don’t know her stance on the swearing thing, but personally, I doubt that that is hindering her prayers or her efforts on for the kingdom.) On to more important matters- oh my good golly gracious! Her perspective on the short-term missionaries she encounters… Her take on being a missionary, a mom, a wife, a human being… she is real and oh, how I need real!!!

Finally, I love this testimony!! Sure, it doesn’t speak to ALL of us, but it speaks to some of us and maybe it speaks a little truth of just how great God’s love and forgiveness and not letting our past hinder us from our future in Him into ALL of our lives .

*note- Of all the things I could blog about, my testimony, my God story, my how I got here is still waiting to see the glow of a computer screen. If you would be willing to offer up a prayer that would guide my heart and my fingers towards sharing it, I would be grateful.*



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