Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Life With Lucy, So Far

My floor is strewn with puppy toys, bones, sticks.

There is nothing else on the floor or at eye level.

Unless you are okay with it  being chewed on.

My counters and tables are piled high.

Doors are all shut and there is a baby gate across the stairs to the basement. I can only keep so much picked up.

She is not in love with the blender or the vacuum. They make her bark and pee.

Crying really loudly also makes her bark and pee.

She is in love with ham and peanut butter.

Ham and peanut butter are excellent training treats.

She can sit on command. We’re working on others.

A carrot stuffed in the end of a Kong toy is not a good training treat but is entertaining.

A celery stick in the end of a Kong toy is neither.

She has a stuffed octopus with a squeaker in the head. She will sit and chomp on it while it squeak, squeak, squeaks.

I’ve been outside in my pajamas more times that I can count, potty training.

I have dog treats in all my pockets. Some even make it through the wash extremely well.

I dance like a maniac and say things like “What a good widdle puppy. Yes, you are. You went potty.”, outside, in my pajamas.

Thank goodness all our neighbors have dogs, too.

Foam ear plugs come out just fine.

We observe poo now.

She gets melancholy when everyone leaves for work and school.

She gets happy when everyone comes home.

She slides on our hardwood floors. She’ll be running and try to stop and go sliding.

She also likes Ben pulling her by a toy in her mouth across the floor.

Hardwood floors are the best.

She used to hide under the couch, but can’t now.

At her last vet check, they said she on the growth rate for a big dog.

We’ve noticed.

It’s probably from too much breakfast.

You’ll find her sitting below Luke waiting for a Cheerio to drop.

Lucy and Her Bone


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