Friday, September 16, 2011

Being Our Own Pickers

So, we’ve been out at my uncle’s farm A LOT lately! We’ve been cleanin’ up a century’s worth of “stuff”. To the untrained eye, this stuff looks like junk destined for the scrap metal bin or the garbage dumpster. Not so to the trained eye. Right away, us three girls started making a collection of things to save. My mom and dad just looked at us in disbelief as we implored that we should not throw away an old window, a rusty colander, tv trays, and a broken tractor lamp. We affectionately call our collection the “yuppy” pile. We became our own “pickers”.

So the other day, Beth, Valor and I made a run up to the farm for more. Our dad met us there so we could grab our goods and helped us cut apart bed springs and pull boards off a crumbling building. Only once did he shake his head- that was when Beth and I came around the granary with an old pig feeder.

Here’s what we ended up with (i.e. what was supposed to fit in the back of my van!)


I did it! Except I said no to two of the milk cans.


Here’s our “pickers”

Head Picker


Li’l Picker


Papa Picker


I guess I was called Grumpy Picker because I kept saying no to things. But truly, there was only so much room in the van!! Someone had to stop Beth!(And no picture of me because I’m in charge of the camera and I’m not nearly as photogenic as my sister. Isn’t she beautiful? )

Just to let you know- some of this is going to be available for purchase this weekend!!

Garage Sale/Junkin' Sale

Location: ‎6218 Prairie Ridge Road, Ames, IA

Time: ‎4:00PM Friday, September 16th

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  1. Awesome! I love the mini feeder! We never had any that small at the farm. Well, at least, I haven't found one that small yet. :)


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