Monday, September 26, 2011

Not So Stumped

The person I always go to first for thoughts is my husband. He’s usually right on. Friday’s blog post was no different. I prompted him for his thoughts and this is what he wrote me. (It’s not super cohesive with Friday’s post but is his response so I’m sharing it with you.)

“I like the phrase in Philippians. That is indeed a loaded phrase.

As far as your questions at the end. I enjoy that it is about our family and your take on it. It is about how we are living our life. It doesn’t have to sound super-spiritual or world changing to make a difference. Living life in a way that is honoring to God by what we do and how we handle things as a family is becoming a unique thing and it’s good to let that come out. And that is the primary way we are to change the world.

I will continue to say that I think the main way we honor God is to live a life that demonstrates enjoyment of God and His gifts to us; the top of that list being our family. Then we share what we have with others who have needs. That is a result of the above (i.e. enjoying God and his gifts), not the other way around. Our family should be a strong base and we should do everything to keep that base strong.  From that strong base, we should relate to everyone else in the church and community.  Our culture, even Christian culture, or especially Christian culture, tends to turn that the other way around [serve church and community yet neglect our families].”

And that, my friends, is my wonderful, thoroughly thought-out husband. I like him a lot. Red heart 


  1. Good thoughts. You are blessed to have a Godly man in your house :). Keep writing. You are making memories of your life and always fun to look back for record keeping purposes. I was recently told that my blog reflects who I am as a person, every aspect. It doesn't define me but shares a part of me that I want remembered by family and friends. And no one sets the tone or frequency of your blog but you. Great to meet you last night :). ~Lori

  2. @Lori
    Thanks, Lori, for those really encouraging words!
    It was fun to meet you the other night as well. It's funny because I feel I sort of know you, at least through Janel and our blogs, but we've never ACTUALLY met! I was ablaze with the good news, so I was extra nutty. Hope you didn't mind. :)


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