Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Book to Order

You know that occasionally I refer you to a blog called The Journey. It is about Katie and her life in Uganda ministering to her children God has given her to care for. She doesn’t post very often because, of anyone, her plate is full daily taken care of all that He gives her. She is truly inspirational in living out the faith she claims. God says, God provides. Simple enough.

Katie has written a book and you can pre-order it now. You can go through our favorite, Amazon, but you can also order through 147 Million Orphans. Yes, you will pay full price. Yes, you will pay full price, plus shipping. But you can also know that Katie will get 50% of the order. It’s a toss up. Pay less for the book, but donate more. Pay full price for the book and call it good. Pay full price and give more. I’m not going to make a call on that one.

Mine is pre-ordered from 147 Million Orphans. I wanted the necklace they offer on there. Formerly unemployed, garbage selling women are taught how to make the magazine bead necklaces and in return are given money to provide for their families. Yes, you will pay full price (according to a friend, you can get them cheaper). Yes, you will pay shipping. I DON’T CARE!!!

I know my money is going to a reputable business who is personally caring for these women and children! I don’t know that about other places. (I’m sure Amazon is not donating half of their profits to Katie! If they do, please tell me- because that would only be awesome and I’m up for being surprised by happiness!)

They’ve got lots of other goodies on the website, too, so if you are in the shopping mood, this is a great place to shop around.

But more than anything, I want you to know Katie has somehow found time to write a book, Kisses from Katie and it’s for sale. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

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