Thursday, September 1, 2011

Charles and Phoebe

Thanks to a birthday gift to Ben a few years ago, (build your own birdhouse) we’ve been slowly establishing the Ward Fly-In Diner. Over the years we’ve added a couple of things to the menu and a few more dining areas. Here are a few of our regular customers.

At this feeder we have thistle seed and our first American Goldfinch. His name is Charles.

Charles the Goldfinch

Charles likes to check things out for himself, but keeps to himself for the most part, except for his pretty little chirp to us know he’s there. He’s not quite as formal as his name implies, but Charles still fits the best. Only once, when I put fresh seed in the feeder, did I hear him talking while he was eating. It was then that I learned that he sometimes goes by Chuck and that his manners are not as impeccable as his bright coat might suggest.

Charles is not single. He’s got a wife. Her name is Phoebe. (He’s quite loyal to her, so not to worry.) I believe Phoebe is much more refined than her husband. (She would’ve tsk, tsked at some of his table manners had she been there.) She is quiet and reserved and afraid of too much publicity because she is a very good, protective mother.

Mostly Charles comes and he can stay for quite a while. Phoebe will come, but very irregularly. I think she must visit her mother often, getting wise advice on being a wife and mothering.

Charles and Phoebe

We have had one other goldfinch visit. He is much younger, perhaps the son of Charles and Phoebe, but I can’t tell yet. When he’s around the two males squabble a bit. I have another two feeders to put up and I could fill this one further so there was more leg room, so once I’m done expanding the dining area, we will see how these two interact.


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