Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Erie Harescramble

It’s been another weekend, another harescramble, another friend to bring along.

This time we brought Audrey’s friend, Destany with us to Erie, IL. She was a blast and kept Audrey in a good mood the whole weekend!


By now, we have become experts in packing for a race, but we hadn’t anticipated rain. Note to self: pack umbrellas and rain gear from here on out.

Rain does not deter these riders. The 50cc race course labeled as sandy loam so Ben got to put to good use all the riding time he’d gotten in at the farm the last two weekends (the farm is heavy on the sandy part). With the OMA pro rider kids there, Ben ended up placing 6th overall!


Since the pro riders were they, they split up the big bikes into two different races, so Bill raced in the “C” class a little later in the morning. He had himself to compete with since the other guy he raced against in Winterset broke a rib doing a hill climb in Dayton a few weeks ago. So, yeah, he got first, but, more importantly, he improved and placed well overall.


Then we went to watch the Pros, “A’s” and “B’s”. After watching them rip through the hole shot, we headed to the hill climb. We weren’t even close to the action yet, but the bikes were zooming past and Destany remarked, wide-eyed, that it was intense. It was! The hill was quite steep, very sandy challenging, if not for the rain, which gave a bit more substance to the sand. That did not stop the pros. This is Paul Whibley, the #1 prorider, flying rather than climbing the hill!

But most of the riders didn’t have the same luck and that’s where it got messy. Even for the spectators!


I won’t show you a video clip that Audrey took because, well, it didn’t go so smoothly.

Another great race in the books!

Excuse me, now, as you can tell, I need to go take care of some laundry.

Funny story: Luke was getting some posters autographed by the pros. From last time, Luke knew to tell them his name. He said, “My name is Luke Ward.” One of the guys kind of added it on a last minute thought and Luke noticed he didn’t write the “L” too well. He mentioned that is sort of looked like a “J” and proceeded to tell the guy how to make an “L”  but then reassured him that it was okay. That got a laugh for sure!



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