Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Birthday Boy

I pretty much love this kid from way deep down inside. You know, from that special spot nestled so deep that one cannot find the source.

Motorcycle Cake

Do you see what he’s wearing? His riding clothes. He would wear them every day if he could, especially if that meant he could go riding. Instead he only wears shirts with motorcycles on them.

Do you see his cake? A motorcycle cake, with love from Grandma! See how he’s smiling? It’s because of the motorcycle cake.

This was celebration #3 for his birthday this year. The first one was the Fremont race, when the Texas cousins came. The second was the Winterset race when we brought all his friends along. I made Nutella cupcakes for that one. Ben is a Nutella FREAK!!! (note: We think Nutella should sponsor our rider. hint, hint)

Happy 9th Birthday, Ben! We love you!


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