Friday, March 2, 2012

A Garage Sale, Scones and Adoption

(I know, another scone post, bear with me.)

Sometimes a girls needs to more with her scones than just add them to her waistline.

If you recall back in April there was a garage sale being held as a fundraiser for a family working to adopt two little ones from Africa. Friends and family packed their goods into a garage for others to come and shop. My scones were there too. People came, shopped, bought, and left with deals and a tasty treat.

Well, guess what? That family just welcomed their two little ones this past weekend!! They are just the sweetest little boys.

Now, whether you have a scone in hand or not, take some time and head over to Running Towards Love to read about their Gotcha Day!!


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  1. Loving the way the blog is looking these days! So clean, so fresh.


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