Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Were you expecting vacation pics from Hawaii? Sorry.

If you’re a long time reader (okay, a reader within the last 6 months), you know we are on a quest to see all the state plates. Well, we are down to the last three: D.C., Hawaii, and Vermont.

Thanks to one of my cousins being stationed in Huh-wy-yuh, Flat Ben got to take an envelope ride over there and guess what he saw? Yep.

Flat Hawaii

We’re totally counting it.

Flat Ben? What are you talking about? Quick, run to the library and check out Flat Stanley by JEFF BROWN, the original author. The next series by some other author, while nice are, IMO, not the same. The whole original series is great!

Thanks, Rachel, for helping us out in more ways than one.

And if are reading from Vermont or DC and wouldn’t mind helping us out, leave me a comment.


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