Friday, March 9, 2012

Pick a Puppy

I hope the wait wasn’t too bad for you.

We were down at Bill’s parents this past weekend for the funeral of his Aunt Lois. (We are sad to not have her here any more, but rejoicing that she’s livin’ the life now!) Aunt Denise was able to fly in for the weekend. While here, she was going to a friend’s house to look at their litter of puppies. We decided to join her.

That was the beginning of the end.

This warm, furry sight met our eyes.

Hungry Pups

Our hearts? Melted into a puppy puddle (and not the kind you have to clean up).

The kids each scooped one up to cuddle and love.

It took no more than 10 seconds for the “Can we pleeeease have a puppy?” to begin.


We talked. We took group pictures. We put the puppies down. We picked them back up. We couldn’t resist.

Yes, we would get one. The kids are the right age. It’s the right time of year. And then, these are the right precious widdle puppies. We were helpless.

Then which one? We narrowed it down to two- a quiet little boy and a curly haired girl.

Aunt Denise said they should stay with mama at least a week longer, so we didn’t have to make a decision since we couldn’t take one home that day.

That news sent Luke into GIANT tears! (He calmed down eventually.)

This kid has loved dogs for as long as we can remember. He pretends he’s a dog, barking and crawling around while someone leads him with a rope tied around a belt loop. His favorite books are dog books. He has at least a dozen stuffed dogs and he sleeps with all of them on his doggy sheets while wearing his doggy jammies.

Luke, how do you feel about getting one of these dogs?


Pretty much all of his dreams have come true until he’s old enough to drive a race car.

Let’s see what Ben thinks?

Just Want a Dog

This expression says “I want a dog. If you ask me which one I’ll say whatever I need to. I don’t care which one we get as long as we get one.”



She might actually have been speechless.


My Love

Well, I don’t really know. I just like this picture of him. Red heart

We ended up picking the curly girl (the one Audrey is holding).

We’re very happy!



  1. So jealous. I want a puppy so bad but the hubs is not a fan. Neither is my landlord ;) Someday. Someday. Let us know what you name your cutie-patootie!


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